About New Year’s Girl

This blog started off as a New Year’s resolution. Four years later, it still exists.

During this time, I’ve written about some of the things I’ve achieved, the places I’ve travelled to, my heartbreak, and my personal reflections.

Since launching this blog, I’ve achieved some important milestones:

  • I successfully moved out of my parents’ house and bought my very first house!
  • I wrote a 20,000-word story during lockdown.
  • I switched careers by teaching myself how to code.

Every year, I try to work towards a new goal. This blog is a way for me to journal and keep track of my progress.

At the moment, I’m writing my first novel, The Midnight Temple. I’ve written a first draft already, but it’s going to be a long and steady process to get it finished.

I will update this blog with all of my writerly thoughts and ideas.


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