My New Years’ Trip To Fiji

Fiji, I want to remember…

The fire lighting ceremony and the way the performers kept smiling at each other as they played their instruments.

The feeling of ecstasy I got after I took a photo with them by the sunset beach.

I want to remember stumbling across big and small moments of entertainment. Like when I saw a staff member dancing across the lobby to the music playing downstairs.

Or when I passed the Kama lounge and saw a group of holiday goers dancing around a Fijian guitarist.

I want to remember the look on the faces of the elderly couple who danced with each other. It was pure joy.

I want to remember the faces of the village women as they hugged us goodbye. I can still hear the shouts of BULA! as they welcomed us in.

I want to remember my delight when I saw three warriors greeting us on the shores of Vusama village.

And I want to remember my surprise when the three warriors turned out to be young boys, not grown men, peeking curiously back at us.

I want to remember the people who made my stay at Robinson Crusoe Island very entertaining. I cannot believe you forced a bunch of strangers to dance ridiculously with each other.

I want to remember the final dance on the sand when everyone broke out into their best moves and I’m glad that I turned around just in time to see that little boy killing it on the dance floor.

loved riding back home on that small boat, in the dark, with the breeze blowing my sweat away and the ocean within touching distance. It made me feel like I was on the Nile river and that I was heading towards an adventure.

I want to remember all of that.

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