Most embarrassing job interview

Remember how I thought I would never get a job because I was terrified of interviews?

Well, there’s a reason for that.

And last year, I encountered my worst interviewing nightmare.

So here I was, sitting nervously in front of three guys, when I go to open my mouth to speak and sweat starts dripping down the side of my forehead.

Literally. Huge. Sweat. Ugh.

Not like a brisk-walk-to-the-park kind of sweat, but like a heavy, quarter-marathon sweat. And it was falling down the side of my face at the speed of one inch per millisecond. My hair was partially in the way, thank god, so it might have blocked the worst of it, but my face was on fire and I could feel it getting hotter and hotter.

Eventually, 15 minutes into the interview, one of the guys had to get up and turn the AC on. Even more embarrassing when they notice.

Needless to say, I didn’t get the job.

And yes, I was heartbroken, for weeks actually, until I drove myself to an empty car park and sat there flipping through screenshots of inspiring quotes I had saved up for a rainy day. And after that, I felt much, much better.

Just goes to show, a box of quotes is all you need for a rainy day.

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