I go by these four names:

  1. Clueless
  2. Blonde
  3. Blondy
  4. Dumbo.

People don’t call me by these names because of my hair colour.
In fact, my hair colour exists at the very opposite spectrum of blonde.
It’s jet black.

People call me by these names because I have a very hard time understanding things.
And before you go jumping to any conclusions, no I don’t have a learning disability.
I am a perfectly normal, university degree holder, who, believe it or not, excels at English.

But I’ve come up with my own theory.
It’s not that I am dumb, it’s that people simply can’t use SIMPLE language
to explain how a mathematical formula in aeronautical engineering works!

But, as a legendary philosopher once said, “Our greatest weakness paves the way to our greatest strength.”
(I may have gotten the quote the wrong way round, but that’s not the point!)


You see, I have a hidden superpower. A blessing in disguise.

I am actually really good at explaining things.
And that’s only because I understand what it takes to make someone really DUMB, understand something really DIFFICULT.

It’s how I’ve:

  • Taught myself how to code
  •  Changed careers without having to go back to school.

And believe it or not, over the past year, I’ve been asked to write instructions on:

  • How to use a slot mortiser to mortise wooden furniture
  • How to use a spindle moulder to produce wooden furniture
  • How to win friends and influence people (Ok. No. Not this one.
    I believe someone by the name of Dale Carnegie wrote that).

But seriously, the first two? Mortise and spindle? I wrote that.
Without knowing anything about machines.

So for the dumb ones, the blondies, and the hopelessly clueless ones, let’s put those high achievers to shame and aim to write really good, really simple content.


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