The 30 year contract

2018 ended with a massive change. I bought a house at 26 years old, on a salary that pays less than the average city worker. Being able to achieve this dream after a two year house hunt, has made me realise that I can do anything I set my mind to. Of course, not without a little help from my twin sister whom I’ll be sharing this financial burden/investment with!

As the last days of the year looms by, and I’ve paid off the first installment of my 30-year mortgage, ominous warnings from my dwindling bank account has motivated me to seek out a different way of living. I’m not sure what this different way of living looks like, but I’m naively determined to find out.

2019 will be a year of experimentation, as I lay down the tracks and build a solid path for my future. I hope I’ll rise up to the challenge, not lose my temper, stay cool, keep writing, and never ever ever become a “slave” to the bank. Having a mortgage doesn’t mean that I have to become a “serious” adult, right?

Loan: $601,000
Paid off: $1235.17
Remaining loan: $596,743.73


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