Insomniac’s guide to falling asleep

It’s extremely hot and I can’t get to sleep. My sweat is sticking to the sheets and no amount of fanning can cool me down from this summer heat.

Normally, I would surrender to this heat until I’ve fallen asleep, but it’s 1am on Friday morning, the last day of the summer holiday and I don’t want to spend it in agony.

So I’m sitting up in bed typing out this blog and wondering what I should do before the day has barely begun.

Remember the singer from Owl City, the one who had insomnia? And how he used his sleepless nights to write his hit single Fireflies?

Not saying that I will produce a hit single, but I could spend it productively, like think about how to interior design my room which currently has nothing but my bed in the middle. Or I could write a poem, plan more roadtrips, read a book, or try to fall asleep.

My sister is awake in her room watching YouTube.

Seems like nobody can fall asleep in this sleepless summer heat.

What do you do when it’s boiling hot and you can’t fall asleep?

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